Become a Missionary

Now open to international applicants

Becoming a missionary is a big life commitment. Missionaries live in humble circumstances and are often placed in difficult situations. Missionaries are ministers! They often face more difficult circumstances than the local pastor of your church. In order to endure on the mission field you must be sure it is a call of God on your life.

Sun Ministries’ missionary process is designed to help you explore the call of God on your life. Once that calling is sure, we will train you, help you with resources and support you with a team of other dedicated missionaries. We want you to answer the call of God on your life and enter into fruitful labor in the American mission fields.

Here are some common questions.

How old must I be? - We only place full time missionaries that are at least 21 years of age and that can obtain a legal right live and work in the United States. You may work as a part-time missionary or volunteer before you are 21.

Where will I serve? - America! The answer may relate to your skills and spiritual gifting. Location is second to proper fit. If you strongly feel called to a certain location, let’s talk.

How do I get paid? - There are many ways the modern mission field functions. Many will need to raise some level of support for their living expenses. Some will work part-time jobs to supplement. Sometimes Sun Ministries will contribute to support and may even fully support some leaders. The bottom line is that it all starts with a financial plan and assessment with one of our team leaders. Don’t let the unknown of money keep you from answering your calling

Do I need a Bible college degree? - No. You must complete the Disciple Driven Church Training Center Courses. All of our missionaries must engage in our discipleship process and training system. We will help equip you for your work. If you have the Holy Spirit you have what you need to enter into ministry.

What does the process look like? - The average person will go through many of the following steps.

  • Inquire through the form on our App.

  • Phone or in person assessment.

  • Complete New Testament Christianity Course.

  • Complete the application and financial planning worksheet.

  • Visit St. Louis and complete the New Testament Church Leadership Course. .

  • Begin to fufill your calling.


The rest of the process is customized to fit each applicants background, needs, ministry calling and spiritual gifting.

Take time to look through all aspects of our website, skim through materials we offer, learn about the programs we facilitate. We recommend you take this time to verify you are actually interested in helping us fulfill our Vision and Mission before filling out the application request form.

If you've reviewed the website, and are still interested, please click HERE to fill out the missionary application request form. Someone will be in contact with you.

If you have any questions or want to speak with us directly you can email or call our Founder and Executive Director Dr. Terry M. Goodwin – 636-544-2151 or