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Let us help you get familiar with Sun Ministries

Sun Ministries is launching apostolic movements of disciple multiplication in America. We go to where there is no movement and establish our missionaries on the ground. We then simply preach the Gospel and multiply disciples. As this happens, churches emerge from the new disciples. It really is that simple. All of the programs and projects of Sun Ministries are designed to support this work of disciple multiplication. 

The easiest way to understand Sun Ministries is to understand the 3 components that make up the ministry. These are - 

The Leadership Center - Teaching training and overseeing the missionaries

The Opportunity Center - Creating jobs for those we minister to and helping to support the mission.

The Narrow Gate - The name we give our efforts to reach the homeless, addicted, formerly incarcerated and those at risk of homelessness.


Explore these projects and you will begin to understand Sun Ministries. We have many ways for people to get involved in our ministry. We also welcome visitors to our locations. Please contact us if you want any more information.