Meet our Team
Missionaries to America

Our missionaries have dedicated their lives to serving others on behalf of Jesus Christ. Each one serves in their unique gifts and passions. Together our team ministers to the poor, widows, orphans, addicted, homeless, formerly incarcerated and underprivileged. Here is a short bio on each one.

Terry & Suzette Goodwin

Dr. Terry Goodwin is the founder and Executive Director of Sun Ministries. He and his wife, Suzette, have raised 5 children together. As missionaries to America, they find themselves ministering together in one of the poorest and most devastated areas of North St. Louis.

Mark Goodwin

My name is Mark Goodwin and I have been part of Sun Ministries since 2006. I am currently leading our new Opportunity Center plant on the Osage Reservation and living in Barnsdall, Oklahoma. I am passionate about starting new things and about helping people discover what they were meant to do and figure out how to live that out. I look forward to seeing where God takes me next on this adventure. 

Jason & Amy Calahan

Jason and Amy met on the mission. They were both volunteering for Sun Ministries. Amy taught him to tuckpoint and Jason taught her the piano. They started working together with a gardening project, and have been involved in most aspects of the ministry together since. They share a passion to help people become what God made them to be. They have 4 children (Josie, Evan, Lena, and Sparrow) and desire to help families homeschool on the mission. Jason is vice chairman of the Board of Directors of Sun Ministries. He helps manage our maintenance services, and guides our missionary and volunteer development. They both assist in coaching various trainings. They are raising their family in the Hyde Park neighborhood of north St. Louis, MO.

Mark & Jessica Sanford

This is the Sanford family and they primarily minister in North St. Louis city as missionaries with Sun Ministries. Mark and Jessica are parents to Josiah (age 4) and Emma (age 1), and also have a German Shepherd named Bear. Mark currently directs Sun Ministries Construction Services, serves as a board member, and manages much of the daily schedule in North St. Louis city. Jessica devotes herself to discipleship with multiple people while watching the kids and keeping a home during the day. Mark and Jessica are also learning the language of Arabic in order to reach the nations with the Gospel of Jesus. 

Chris Goodwin

Chris Goodwin and his two daughters, Madelyn and Aubrey, are currently missionaries with Sun Ministries. Chris moved to St. Louis in 2012 and has worked with, and for, Sun ministries in a variety of capacities since. He is currently a member of the Board of Directors and oversees a variety of responsibilities such as book keeping and other administrative work, along with many other things. Madelyn and Aubrey love to help on prayer walks and community clean up days and often share what God is teaching them in church gatherings. Family is very dear to God's heart and so it is Chris' hope that his girls will grow to be Godly women, firm in their faith, and instrumental in building the Kingdom of God.

Nicole Brase

My name is Nicole Brase. After being born again in Christ in 2016, I’ve been discipled since April 2017 by Amy Calahan. I joined Sun Ministries as a missionary September 2019; I minister in the St. Louis location. The experiences God has led me through have prepared me to assist with administrative tasks, developing new processes, and media development. I’m also the Training Coordinator for the ministry, responsible for processing training applications and organizing all trainings the ministry holds. I’ve been called to the Hyde Park area with the ministry to help share the gospel of the kingdom with all of God’s children. Despite whatever has happened in our past, I want to help people see the unconditional love that God has for us and the grace He gives us.

Hannah Dewey

My name is Hannah Dewey! I’m married to my sweet husband, Adam, and we have three amazing kiddos- Eve, Adalia, and Abraham. I was introduced to Sun Ministries in November of 2019 and began truly understanding the Gospel of the Kingdom and being discipled in June of 2020. I recently came on board as a volunteer missionary. I am part of the Church@ East Grand Forks and am serving the community there. I will be helping out with finding, writing, and editing grants- and doing whatever else God calls me to as well! 

Zach & Hannah Diller

Meet the Diller Family: Zachariah, Hannah, Hadassah, Zadok, Jude, and Elia. They recently joined Sun Ministries in 2021. They live and serve in Rapid City, SD. Zachariah and Hannah met in college where after their first (3 hour) conversation both walked away thinking they would probably get married. They are passionate about seeing God’s kingdom come and raising their children with a kingdom mindset. They’re excited to see how God will use them to move in their community. 

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