Meet our Team
Missionaries to America

Our missionaries have dedicated their lives to serving others on behalf of Jesus Christ. Each one serves in their unique gifts and passions. Together our team ministers to the poor, widows, orphans, addicted, homeless, formerly incarcerated and underprivileged. Here is a short bio on each one.

Terry & Suzette Goodwin

Dr. Terry Goodwin is the founder and Executive Director of Sun Ministries. He and his wife, Suzette, have raised 5 children together. As missionaries to America, they find themselves ministering together in one of the poorest and most devastated areas of North St. Louis.

Mark & Stephanie Goodwin

Mark and Stephanie got married in November of 2021. Together, they look forward to seeing the ministry God has designed for them. Both are passionate about teaching and training leaders young and old. They are currently based out of St. Louis, but spend a good amount of time traveling and teaching new disciples around the country and the world. 

Jason & Amy Calahan
Jason and Amy met on the mission while volunteering for Sun Ministries. Amy taught him to tuckpoint and Jason taught her the piano. They've been involved with nearly every aspect of the ministry since 2009, and have been full-time missionaries since 2010. They share a passion to help people become what God made them to be. Jason is chairman of the Board of Directors of Sun Ministries and helps manage our maintenance services. They are both Narrow Gate liaisons and also assist in coaching various trainings. The Calahans are currently residing in Hyde Park neighborhood of north St. Louis, MO.
Chris & Nicole Goodwin

Chris and Nicole got married in October 2021. They are missionaries, both working in the administrative side of Sun Ministries. Chris is the Administrative Director by overseeing many administrative responsibilities, handles the book keeping, and serves on the Board of Directors. Nicole coordinates all of our trainings (both in person and virtual), manages our website and mobile app, and assists in several other administrative areas.

They have two daughters, Madelyn & Aubrey. Their family ministers in the St. Louis location together. Family is very dear to God's heart and so it is their hope that the girls will grow to be Godly women, firm in their faith, and instrumental in building the Kingdom of God. Despite whatever has happened in our past, they want to help people see the unconditional love that God has for us and the lengths He will go to reach us.