The word Sun in our name is a Greek word which means to come alongside. It describes our ministry perfectly. That is what we do. We come alongside. We come alongside people to help them grow their Christian faith. We come alongside the hurting to give them a hand up. We come alongside churches to help them become more effective at getting outside their four walls. We come alongside entire communities by relocating mission teams to desperate areas of our country and serving those communities.


We are a Christian Missions organization. We work in America. We recruit, train and relocate Missionaries to America. We resource and empower those missionaries to bring generations of change to areas hard hit by crime, drugs or economic troubles. We bring new life by bringing new people and resources. We have proven training and methods for setting captives free, multiplying disciples and economic development.


We were started in March of 2006 by Dr. Terry M. Goodwin and his wife Suzette. They are still active in serving in and leading the ministry. We have many opportunities for you to connect with the Vision and Mission of Sun Ministries. Take some time to explore the App but more importantly, take some time to connect with us through email, by phone or in person.