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It is that time of year when people consider giving a year end tax deductible donation. We want to communicate our needs and share the good your giving accomplishes. When you support us with a general gift we use it to support our ongoing work.

Senior Home Repair

We have helped hundreds of seniors stay in their homes by offering free minor home repairs. These seniors often have no place else to turn for help. Much of our repair program is grant funded. Our current requests for service for outpace the available funding. We currently have 20 more requests than we have funding to complete. This month the requests have been coming in at the pace of 2-3 per day.

Street Evangelism

We have teams working in the streets among the homeless and addicted. The needs of these populations are incredible. Even when a person decides to get clean and change their life, they usually have lost everything. Helping them rebuild their lives is a time consuming and expensive process.

The Narrow Gate

Through this program we can house and employ a recovering addict, homeless person or those who have been incarcerated. The initial cost to provide this service is estimated to be about $1,000.00 per month. These clients often lack employment skills or a means to pay rent. We work with them to build the skills and income needed but it takes time.

The Leadership Center

Our Leadership Center manages all the administration of the ministry and provides free training for groups and individuals that want to learn to minister in the streets or to these marginalized populations. Maintaining these operations continue to get more expensive as inflation continues to climb. We are also in the planning process for the new Sozo Valley Ranch. We also started the Harvest Fields Project garden this year.

We have a plea for you. Will you help support this work? Without your help, we will not be able to do what we do. Please visit the giving page on our web site and make a generous donation today. It will change lives.

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