Sun Ministries will be changing how it operates starting in 2023. Over the last fews years our society has gone through extreme changes. We had a global pandemic, high inflation, the Great Resignation, and the continuing steep decline in the American institutional church. We have decided it is time to change our structure to meet the needs of the changing society.

Since our inception, we have been an "on the ground, hands on" ministry that attempts to help the most oppressed people in our siciety. Our focus is being on the mission of Jesus and making disciples that make disciples. This will not change. Our approach will change. We have spent over a decade headquartered in one of the most dangerous and economically depressed neighborhoods in the US. We have learned a lot about helping to change these conditions and to help the people living there. 

It is now time for us to help others learn from our experiance. We want to take what we have learned and use it to help others get on mission with Jesus and make disciples that make disciples. We feel this will be accomplished better in a different environment. So we look to move our headquarters and the Leadership Center to a new location in 2023.

Along with this move will come structural changes to our programming. The Narrow Gate, the Opportunity Center and the Community Pastoral Care Network will be revamped to make it asier for us to facilitate other groups in using the proven tools. Our emphasis in the Community Pastoral Care Network will be to expand our Senior Home Repairs program and help others to care for the widows, elderly and infirm in their own backyard. The Narrow Gate will change to emphasize training and resources for others instead of just our missionary staff. We hope these changes will greatly multiply our impact for the Kingdom of God. 

Keep watching for the changes as they appear on our web site and Facebook pages. If you, your church, or social group are interested in learning more, just contact us. We would love to partner with others in the work of the Kingdom of God.