I don't know for sure what has caused this rapid growth. It might be that we laid a good foundation for our work over the last decade. It could be that we have made our tools easy to use and widely available. It could be that God is ready to see His church set free from the institutional forms that have held it for centuries. Whatever the cause, rapid growth is upon us.

In 2019 we had disciples on the ground in two locations. Today, two years later, we have disciples on the ground in a dozen cities and two countries. I believe the growth comes from the work God is doing in America. We just happened to see it and join Him in it. We simply embraced the command of Jesus to go and make disciples. We then teach them how to make disciples. It really is that simple.

The result has been a rapid growth of new disciples. These disciples are engaging the mission of loving their neighbors and caring for their communities. The truth is sad really. The institutional form of Christianity in America has done very little to teach and equip believers in how to multiply disciples and care for their neighbor outside the church system. Our teaching efforts focus on these two very essential aspects of the Christian faith. 

As new disciples learn to make disciples and care for those in their community, they simply gather with their disciples to live as the church as God designed it. They do not add corporate structures, paid clergy or public worship services. This has proven to be a freeing and empowering change for many. The reality of experiencing the power of God in relationship with others is something I think every human desires. We have discovered how to lead people into that experience.

Our apostolic leadership team is preparing to go on a two week trip to meet with ministry partners, establish new missionaries, strengthen new disciples and establish new works. We pray for God to go before us and open an opportunity for the Gospel of the Kingdom to go forth from our efforts. We now have many ways to help people explore this move of God. We can help you learn and engage no matter where you live. Just drop us an email. 

There is nothing to join here. We are not a church, denomination our association. We simply empower, train and release people to multiply disciples. So bring your small group, your friends or just yourself. We are more than happy to share with you what God has taught us.