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Taking their first step. Driving away in your car for the first time. Leaving the wedding reception for their new life together. Okay its not that dramatic but it feels similar. For the first time since Suzette and I started Sun Ministries in 2006, I am not on the Board of Directors. I resigned my position on December 31, 2020. I handed the reigns over to younger men who are very capable of taking us to the next level. 

Its hard to let go of the reigns. It is inevitable. You can make a planned transition while you are alive or you can do it abruptly when you die. I tell my staff that this is a multi-generational work. The changes we hope to see may not come in our lifetime but we are preparing a path for future generations. In order to do that I must lead by example and train up new leadership. I must empower them to lead. A wise man once stopped me after a speaking engagement and told me if I want to empower people I must give up my power.

This isn't the end for Me or for Suzette. We are as busy as ever. I will stay on as Executive Director and handle many of the daily tasks. I am taking on the role of General Manager of our new LLC, The Harvest Fields Company. We also plan to travel and teach more in the near future. As our disciple multiplication training bears fruit, the need for follow up training increases. 

So I enter 2021 with a new sense of anticipation. Expecting great things to come as a result. It's time. It feels right and I can't wait to see them thrive.