We will be starting a new round of Virtual Discipleship Small Groups May 1st, 2021. These groups will have new material available. There are two group sessions. The first 6-week course explains the process of mmultiplying disciples and churches in an organic way. The second 6-week session is for those who complete the first class. It is a prerequisite. The second session focuses on how to be on the mission of Jesus. It explores how our spiritual gifts work together to bring the good news to the world. 

Both classes are free of charge and all accompanying materials are provided at no charge.These classes are designed to equip you to make and multiply disciples outside the institutional church system. It also explores how to launch organic movements of church multiplication that are free from denominational or institutional controls.

There are multiple class options available on different days of the week and with different start times. Register early as class sizes are limited in order to enhance the class experience over Zoom.