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We have recently released two new daily devotionals in the 50 Days series. They are 50 Days to Spiritual Rest and 50 Days to Spiritual Healing. Each is a daily journey towards a spiritual goal.

50 Days to Spiritual Rest helps you discover many of the things that keep us from finding the promised rest of Jesus. As you walk through this journey you can discover and rid yourself of things that keep you striving instead of abiding. 

50 Days to Spiritual Healing was written for victims of abuse. It is a joint work between me and my wife Suzette. Helping those who have been abused has been a passion for us for many years. We have helped many to discover how abuse impacts their adult life and hinders their faith in Jesus. This devotional is a gentle walk through the very basics of the topic. It is a great first step on your journey to discovering true freedom in Jesus.

As always these are offered free for download on our app (under Devotional) and website (under Training). We hope they help you to find true rest and freedom in Jesus.