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Over the last 15 or so years I have dedicated myself to writing materials and training our missionaries to reproduce those materials on the ground. It was all developed and refined on the mission fields of America. Suzette and I worked in several states and in many different geographic and social settings. From the inner city to the reservation, we made disciples and taught them how to make disciples. We helped the felon, addicted and the homeless. We have worked with dozens of victims of sexual abuse to help them find healing.


This year we shifted gears. We see a need in the church in America that has been exposed by the Pandemic. Church leaders and members also need to be equipped to work with these issues and peoples. God has given us an intensive training course that we now want to share with others. Starting this year, we are offering our assistance to train leaders and other Christians to do a better job ministering to the hurting and oppressed.


We did our first Narrow Gate Leader training in March. It was basic but informative. The response was tremendous. Now we are scheduled to do our second one with more than twice as many students. This is very exciting for us. We love seeing people get equipped to help others in a real and meaningful way.

We are getting ready to offer our next new training in May. We are putting together a class to help people learn to heal from abuse. It will also help leaders understand the issue and be better prepared to engage this huge need. It's time the church becomes a place of healing from abuse.

The third class we are offering is a disciple multiplication class that we have offered to our disciples and missionaries many times. It will be offered in June.

I recently taught at Spring Pastors' Conference for The Midwest District Council. The topic was Faith in Crisis. The pandemic has greatly changed the face of the church in America. The churches that survive and thrive will be those that minister to the broken and needy, empower their people to do the work of ministry and go out into the world to engage the community. Our goal at Sun Ministries is to help others do this.

You can see all of our events on the events page.