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One of the core programs we run is our Opportunity Center. The program works to hire the disadvantaged and help them get equipped for self-sufficiency. Our employment is offered through our ministry owned company, The Harvest Fields Company. Sun Ministries is active in networking and connecting with the people that need the help of our program.

Our efforts include going door-to-door and working with ministry partners that provide services for the homeless, formerly incarcerated or those recovering from addiction. During the pandemic we saw this program drop off dramatically. The government provided stimulus money combined with the effects of the Great Resignation movement made it easier for these groups to survive or even to find employment.

Lately we are seeing an uptick in requests for Narrow Gate services and job applications from these groups. We recently hired two referrals from Criminal Justice Ministries and are working with a formerly homeless man to obtain his identification paperwork so he can be legally employed. There are a lot of challenges when hiring from these groups. They rarely possess the skills to provide profitable labor. Many times they need additional support from our staff in order to be successful. The simple truth is that all of these efforts must be subsidized with donations.

We have been blessed with generosity from a regular group of supporters and volunteers. We have gotten clothing, food, toiletries and even automobiles for our Narrow Gate clients. All of these things help to accelerate the process of recovery. With the recent uptick in service requests, we are again in need of your support. If you would like to participate or donate please contact us.