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The coronavirus pandemic presented a challenge for us: how will we minister at a time when keeping a distance could mean life or death? We had been doing discipleship trainings at churches, meeting with addicts for our Narrow Gate program, and our Opportunity Center was really finding its stride in our new location in Barnsdall, OK. Even our maintenance services, which provide much of our income, were receiving regular work, so that our ministry could keep moving forward. Then suddenly, it had stopped.  

We had formed the Community Pastoral Care Network to meet the needs of the most at-risk in our neighborhoods. But we couldn't accomplish all the work on our own. So we began recruiting virtual volunteers. What's a virtual volunteer?  

It's our answer to meeting needs and bringing comfort when we can't get close. Our virtual volunteers have a list of residents that they call every week. They check in on these neighbors, seeing if they have any needs. They also chat with them, pray with them, even some times sing songs. This is a needed ministry, especially for our elderly residents that have been separate from their friends and family.  

Our virtual volunteers hail from several states and are contacting nearly 70 residents each week. All the needs get compiled and organized by our administrative team. From there, they get sent out to our work crews to make deliveries or service calls.  

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