The Narrow Gate Program is unique in that we take solutions to the streets where the neediest people can be found. Our ministry owns property to provide housing. We own a business to provide employment. We have trained missionaries to provide spirutal support and discipleship. We have years of experience in helping people overcome obstacles. All of this is an expensive venture and resources can limit our ability to help more people.

One of the biggest hurdles many of these clients face is getting back a drivers license or obtaining proper ID. Securing a copy of your birth certificate can cost up to $75.00 these days. Drivers license are often blocked by active warrants or fines. Let me explain how that works. 

Many of these clients are living transient lifestyles with no permanent residence. If they get a ticket for most anything, like speeding or runneing a stop sign, etc... they often miss the court summons which is usually mailed to the last address on file. When they miss that court date, there is a fine and bench warrant issued that can block their drivers license renewal. 

Obtaining a drivers license is essential for work these days. It is ghard for us to employ them until they get one. This means it is hard for them to get the money to clear the warrant. We often rely on donations to help people get past this hurdles. This is just the first pbstacle we need to overcome for most. We then move on to obtaining proper ID, housing, employment and a vehicle. 

Helping someone reintegrate into society is a complicated and challenging process. We work with people who have been beat down and have lost all hope of things getting better. You can play a significant role by donating to us today. Cash donations will help restore drivers licenses and obtain ID's. Vehicle donations will assit reintegration for those who are a little further along in the program. 

You can also join one of our Street Evangelism Teams and get trained to take solutions to the streets. If you have a heart for the people oppressed by drugs, crime or homelessness, we need your help. Contact us today or give through our giving page.