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Sun Ministries started the Community Pastoral Care Network in April of 2020. It was started in response to the Covid-19 pandemic. We have a large population of poor, elderly and at-risk in our local area. We wanted to connect with this population to be there for them through this difficult time. The concept was to use volunteers to do weekly wellness checks on those that desired them. We worked with Alderman Brandon Bosley to obtain a phone list of local residents that might fit the criteria. We contacted hundreds of local residents and narrowed the list down to those without a capable support structure.  

We currently reach out to 53 residents on a weekly basis, with the help of volunteers. We source and supply needed necessities and minor emergency home repairs. We've had 116 requests for goods or service since we began. With the help of 5 partner organizations and many individual volunteers we've completed 55%, or 64 requests.  

Many requests for home repair are too big for us to handle. We've either referred or been unable to complete 30%, or 35 requests. We have 15%, or 17 residents still waiting to get work finished or a type of good that is difficult to find in stores.  

With the pandemic ramping up again, it looks like we might just be getting started on this project. We are asking for your help. Can you assist us in assisting the most at risk in our community? We need cash donations to help us with materials and supplies to meet these needs. Most of those we contact are on fixed incomes and very little income for needed home repairs. It is vital we help them stay in their homes. We also need skilled labor to help with some of the repairs. Many are issues of safety such as step repair of roof leaks.  

If you would like to volunteer with us please use the inquiry form – Volunteer Here.  

If you can give to support our work, please visit our giving page for the many options we offer for you to send your support – Give Here. Make sure to select Community Pastoral Care Network as what you’re giving to when donating to help with this specific program.