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Sun Ministries is not a church. We are a missions organization that recruits, trains and relocates missionaries in America. Our missionaries focus on preaching the Gospel of the Kingdom, multiplying disciples and serving the poor, widows, orphans, homeless, addicted, incarcerated and foreigners in the communities where they are located.  

As the missionaries accomplish their vision and mission there is one inescapable result. Local churches emerge from their disciple multiplication work. We knew this would happen and for many years we left the new local church undefined. As we have grown, our work is accelerating. As the churches emerge faster and faster we saw a need to give them an identity. Many times our churches were called cults by other Christians because they didn't look like what they were used to seeing.  

The churches that emerge from our work are not traditional institutional churches. They don't incorporate. They don't own buildings or hold public invitational worship gatherings. We didn't want them to fall into the trap of dividing over doctrinal differences. We wanted the churches united around the mission of Jesus and His redemptive work.  

This has led us to put a little identity to the churches that have emerged from our work. They are defined by their vision, mission and core values. Their doctrine is expressed in the Gospel they preach, not creeds designed by theologians. The seed of the Gospel gives birth to the church.

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