We have started to change the structure of Sun Ministries in response to the changes we see happening around us in society. Our goal is to better serve the public and be more effective in our main vision and mission. As a part of that change, I have moved all of my teaching materials back to my teaching web site. They can be found at www.discipledrivenchurch.org.

Sun Ministries will continue to use the teaching to train missionaries to work outside the institution. This change will add further separation between the work of the institution, Sun Ministries, and the work of the church in making disciples and multiplying churches. This move also lays the foundation for me and Suzette to focus on the spiritual aspect of our ministry as we hand off the essential work of Sun Ministries to the next generation. 

This is just one step in a long  transition and succession plan to ensure Sun Ministries work endures beyond us to the future generations. We are still actively involved in the daily operations and leadership of the ministry. We look forward to the next phase in our life and ministry together. 

I have recently added a new devotional to the site called 50 Days to Understanding Christianity. It is available free for download under the training materials section of the web site.