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Sozo Valley Ranch

Imagine a place where all people can go to find healing, rest, and re connection with God through nature. This place would have support for Christ centered healing and training for the expansion of God's kingdom. This is our vision for Sozo Valley Ranch.

The ranch will be located somewhere in the Ozark mountains of south east Missouri. The land has not yet been purchase but the vision is solidly set in our hearts. The ranch will consist of a small permaculture farm, a set of cabins for guests and a training center to support the multiplication of disciples aroud the world.

The cabins will be designed to comply with ADA standards so all people can make use of the ranch. The farm will offer a way for people to re connect with the land and nature. The fresh produce from the farm will support the staff, guests and the surrounding communities. The cabins will allow us to host people that need a time of retreat, healing and refreshing. This may be those engaged in ministry full time, small groups, or even individuals recovering from addiction or escaping abusive environments.

The goal of the ranch is treflected in its name. The word SOZO is the Greek word often translated as SAVED in the English Bible. It means “to be made whole”. That is our dream for the ranch. That it will be a place where all people can find wholeness in Jesus.

We are currently raising money and searching for the right property for this project. If you would like to help you can give online at Give | Sun Ministries, Inc. Select Sozo Valley Ranch from the drop down menu. Want to help in other ways? Contact Dr. Terry Goodwin at 636-544-2151 or by email at