Are you prepared to receive the blessings of God? God’s blessings often show up at the most inconvenient times. They challenge our comfort and safety. They test our determination to love others. Sometimes they require physical things from us as well. We recently hosted a workday at Sun Ministries. Over 40 people showed up. That is a large group for us. So much good work got done. They also handed out food and supplies door to door in the neighborhood.

This was on a Saturday. A day when many people are relaxing after a busy week of work. This group of people decided to come to visit a group of strangers in a neighborhood they had never been to before and spend the day working in the heat. A few of the people ran into a woman that directed them to a vacant house where some homeless people were squatting. They approached the house and talked to David. They prayed with him and gave him some food and toiletries. They left him some ministry information. They told him if he desired help to call.

The following day on Sunday, Suzette and I were resting after a long week. David called and asked if we could help him. This meant we had to put aside our planned day of rest in order to receive God’s blessings. Jesus demonstrated this by putting aside the Sabbath for God’s work in His own ministry. Matthew 12:11-12 We met with David on our front porch and attempted to find a shelter for him. This is a daunting if not impossible task on the weekends in St. Louis. After some time of calling around we decided to use what we had. We offered David a room in our house.

We took him upstairs and gave him a meal. As we talked he revealed many struggles throughout his life. We talked about Jesus and he asked how he could learn more. I shared the Gospel with him and he asked Jesus to forgive him and asked to be discipled. I asked him if he needed to go back to his vacant house and get his stuff. He didn’t have any stuff. He only owned the clothes on his back. I messaged a few of our church members and within a couple of hours David had shirts, pants, shorts, socks, underwear and shoes. He also had a backpack, alarm clock, Bible, Journal, and many other things.

In a few hours David went from homeless and squatting in a vacant house with nothing but the clothes on his back, to housed, fed and fully equipped with everything he needed. We are now working to get his ID’s restored so he can work for our company, the Harvest Fields Company. All of this happened because a group of people sacrificed a Saturday for strangers. Then another group of people were ready to give what they had for a stranger. They gave time, money, sweat and material goods so that the life of one man could be changed. All of these people put themselves in a position to receive the blessings of God. The blessing of joining Jesus in sacrificing for others.

If you want to receive the blessings of God, you must put yourself in a position to receive them. That position is always one of sacrifice, risk and compassion for others. Then you must be obedient to give of yourself when the opportunity arises.