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Sun Ministries has undergone a change in focus this year. After many years of launching disciple making movements around the country, we are shifting our focus. As we worked in many different settings, we found many similar obstacles to our work. We found an increasing percentage of the population was being hindered by addiction, homelessness, and incarceration. While we found many people with a heart for helping these populations, we found that many were ill equipped to deal with the specific obstacles found there.

Another large population was victims of childhood abuse. The people that suffered foundational pain as a child often carried their destruction into adulthood and were significanlty hindered by it. The third thing we discovered were the effects of a passive institutional church system. Many Christians were unprepared to share the Gospel, teach basic doctrine or even engage the mission.

Suzette and I had spent years developing training in these areas for the missionaries on our staff. The learning curve was deep. It took years to equip people to deal with all these issues we found common on the mission field. That leads us to 2023. We made the decision to open our training to anyone interested. Instead of working exclusively through our missionary staff, we will now focus on training and reproducing among any Christian that desires to learn.

We are now creating and offering training and support in 4 main areas. These are - Healing from the Pain of Your Past - The Narrow Gate, Helping the addicted, homeless, and formerly incarcerated-  - Sharing the Gospel and Making Disciples - How the Enemy Attacks. These classes will be offered on a regular rotating schedule. All classes are offered free of charge. We will also come to you to teach your group. We are taking our decades of experience and making it available to you.

The next step for Sun Ministries is to establish Sozo Valley Ranch. This will be a place for extended healing opportunities and a retreat for renewal for leaders. There will be more information on the Sozo Valley Ranch in an upcoming Blog. Watch the Events page for upcoming class schedules.