We are launching two new free online courses this week. Each is a five week course and both can be taken on your own. There is no registration required. You can follow the instructions and complete the course on your own or you can reach out at anytime for a coach to help you on your journey.  

The first course is Healing from the Pain of Your Past. It helps victims of abuse to understand how to heal from what happened to them. It is designed for anyone that still feels the impact of abuse in their life. It is a journey of discovery for you and Jesus to walk together. We have added some short testimonial videos from people that have used the materials. I hope they give you the courage and determination to face your fears and find healing in Jesus Christ.  

The other course is called Breaking Free from Satan to Find Abundant Life. It is designed for Christians to give you an understanding of Satan, demons, his army and how he attacks you. You will learn how to break strongholds, combat lies, forgive completely and defeat the attacks of the enemy in your life. It is also a five module class that you can go through alone without registering. You can also request a coach at anytime to help you on your path.  

We hope you find these courses very helpful in your Christian faith. Please feel free to contact us for any help or to share a testimony of your success.