Many American Christians have left the institutional church in the last few decades. The search to find relevancy in the institution has come up short for many. They just can't see the connection with the Sunday show and the writings of Scripture. If this is you – you are not alone. Many of us have departed the institution in search of Jesus. We have not been disappointed.

My own journey started nearly 15 years ago. I was not raised in the institution so I saw it from a different perspective. I had a hard time lining up the practices of the institution with the teachings of Jesus. I always felt a pull towards something more. This may be you today. That discontent may be God calling you out to be a part of the remnant. I encourage you to explore it.

There are 3 books that really helped me on my journey. They were used by God to help prepare me for something deeper. I will share them with you here in case you want to explore. Keep in mind that they just helped open my eyes. My true path could only be discovered in the Bible and through obedience to the Holy Spirit. The same will hold true for you.

Organic Church – Neil Cole

Pagan Christianity – George Barna and Frank Viola

The Bondage Breaker – Neil T. Anderson

Nearly 15 years later we are seeing the organic church multiply. The pandemic has closed many churches but we have thrived. In the past year we have more than doubled the number of disciples and tripled the number of locations where we have churches forming. Rest assured that this is something God is doing in our age that will shape the church for decades to come.

Our passion is to help people explore and form organic churches that are established on disciple multiplication. In order to do that we had to relearn much of what we were taught. We had to learn anew about leadership, structure, spiritual gifts, discipleship, the Holy Spirit and so much more.

We offer to help you explore organic church and disciple multiplication. We are starting another round of Virtual Discipleship Small Groups in January. This six week class meets virtually once a week and is a great way to explore. We have classes on many days and times so go to the page on this site and sign up today.

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