As we enter 2024 we celebrate the fact that we have so many opportunities in front of us. Sun ministries will host a series of Disciple Driven Church training events at the Leadership Center. We will also host the weekly worship gathering of Disciple Driven Church at the same location. You can learn more at the Disciple Driven Church web site.

Our monthly First Saturday Work Days are already underway. Our first work day was January 6th where a group of about a dozen volunteers worked on several projects including our own properties and a couple of widows homes. The other upcoming events are listed on our web site here.

We continue to grow our partnerships to expand our reach into new areas. We are actively working to increase our presence in Wellston and St. Charles. We are looking for locations to offer our Narrow Gate classes and services. Our Harvest Fields Project has reached into the Jeff-Vanderlou neighborhood.

We expanded our services to seniors in 2023 and hope to continue that expansion in 2024. The role of volunteers and financial supporters is crucial to these services. The need is so incredibly large on the North side of St. Louis. We currently have a waiting list of over 30 clients that have requested services that we cannot yet provide.

In 2024 we look to fill our rental units and take more people off the streets. We also hope to sell a couple of our properties after we have completed some repairs. We are ready to organize and facilitate volunteers to work in any of these areas or projects. Contact us by email at