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2021 marks the 15th year since the founding of Sun Ministries, Inc. For many years we have operated social enterprises under our Non-profit in order to supply resources for the work and employment for those we help. This served us well when we were only located in St. Louis.

As we expanded to other states we found that some states were not as accepting of Non-profits running businesses. We would never want to compromise Sun Ministries standing or try to bypass any rules or regulations. In late 2020 the Board of Directors made a decision to organize a For profit business that is wholly owned by Sun Ministries, Inc.

As of January 1, 2021 we have launched the Harvest Fields Company. This LLC will operate businesses, provide resources and employ our missionaries and Narrow Gate participants. By forming this company we are making it easier to expand into new areas and separate the for profit social enterprises from the Non-profit ministry work.

We are currently moving all of our rehab and maintenance services to this company. We have some exciting things planned for this new venture. As we see the pandemic start to fade, we hope later this year, we will announce new social enterprises in Oklahoma and St. Louis.

You can stay up to date on our web site – and you can sign up for our email newsletter there as well. We feel this move will streamline our ability to expand our wrok into new areas as the ministry continues to grow.