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Starting the Community Pastoral Care Network during a pandemic, while learning a new database system, seemed like a huge task in my mind. I couldn’t see how we’d be able to organize it all, how we’d meet the needs that came up, or if we could keep it focused on ministry. We had about 10 people call over 1200 residents within a month, and now have only 6 volunteers calling 54 people every week.

I am one of those volunteers. I call 7 residents each week, listening and talking to them, seeing what they need, praying with them. What started off as a bundle of nerves at the thought of talking and praying with strangers each week, is now a blessing I look forward to and a highlight of my weeks. I’m on the phone about 2-3 hours a week talking to them. They are my friends. They speak into me and minister to me as well.

I’m in charge of coordinating all of the volunteers, needs, and donations. Before I started calling a regular group, I only saw it as a program that’s goal was to meet needs. The relationships that I have made, and that all of our volunteers have made, with the residents is only something God could make happen. When I call residents that I don’t normally call, all I have to do is mention their volunteer’s name and Sun Ministries, and they start talking to me like a friend. They know that we care about them simply because someone takes the time to check on them regularly.

Unfortunately, we have not been able to meet all the needs that have been expressed. The residents know that we have not forgotten about them. Even bringing them the holiday baskets for Christmas and Easter puts a smile on their face. They express so much gratitude for us caring about them, despite not being able to meet the needs they have. It’s a humbling thing to see them find more joy in feeling cared for rather than having their needs met. They understand that each new day truly is a blessing.

I don’t know what God has in store for the CPCN or the relationships we’ve built up until this point. I do know that we will continue to do what we’ve been doing because God has brought so much from it and He will continue to provide!

If you feel led to help us meet the needs (physically or financially) or you feel led to call residents and build relationships, please use the links below.

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