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My brothers and sisters in the faith;

Pray for us, dear friends. We have experienced afflictions and divisions, at war with principalities and powers. The enemy would see that our work here is thwarted, but we know that Jesus is greater in power and might. 

Pray that we would not be swept away by idols or worldly ideals, but would hold fast to the mission set before us— to make disciples of the Lord Jesus Christ, teaching them to obey all He commands.

Pray that God’s hand would be upon us, and that His angels would stand guard around us as we battle ancient evil in the land. Pray that we would be safe from harm and from illness as we put our feet on the ground.

Pray that we would be bold in love and humility— that our testimony would speak power over the land and people, and that many would come to know the radical, life-giving transformation of Jesus.

Pray for us, that we would be strengthened in our inner beings and that we would continually come to know Jesus in the deepest parts of who we are. I pray the same for you.