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Suzette and I have had a passion to help victims of abuse find healing through Jesus. We have helped many people through the process of facing the pain of their past and allowing Jesus to enter in and provide the healing He came to provide. This passion has only grown as our ministry has grown.  

Past pain can be crippling for many people. I have heard it said about addiction that the biggest gateway to drugs is the pain of your past. I find this very true. Pain does not always manifest in drug addiction. It can come out in other forms of destructive behavior. It can hinder relationships. It has many different affects. One thing we know for sure, it doesn't just go away with time.  

As we developed our ministry, we also developed tools and training to help people deal with the pain of their past. This week we are offering a first for us. Suzette and I have co-authored a new daily devotional. It is called 50 Days to Spiritual Healing. It is an introduction to the causes, effects, and healing process for your foundational pain. It is available free to download on under Training or from our free APP under Devotional.  

This devotional is designed as an introduction to the topic. We recommend walking through your healing process in a discipleship relationship with someone that is experienced in the process. We have missionaries that are eager to help you. If you desire to be free from the pain of your past you should know two things: Jesus heals, and we will help. Contact us if you need us.