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Last July, Disciple Driven Church launched a new missionary training program used by Sun Ministries. The New Testament Christianity course is a college level, twelve session course that combines video and print teaching. In the first 11 months of the new program we have over ninety students participating. These students represent many different countries.

One reason for the popularity is the uniqueness of this seminary level training. It places the focus on making disciples and forming biblical organic churches as opposed to the institutional approach that dominates most seminaries. It is also offered free of charge.

As a result of this expansion of our training efforts we have seen an increase in our opportunities to share what we know with other leaders. We are currently working with two churches and one non-profit in the St. Louis area as well as leadership groups in Kenya and India. We have begun spotlighting our students on our social medai pages to help you connect with their ministry efforts.

As we continue to develop our Leadership Center efforts we see our focus shifting to that of a training and support ministry for other ministries. Our hope is to take what we have learned and teach it to faithful ministers that can then teach it to others. In the coming year we will begin the second college level leader training that will incorporate classroom training with real life on the ground ministry work. Stay tuned for more on that.