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Like for many Americans, everything changed for Sun Ministries on March 13, 2020 when COVID-19 was declared a national emergency, and lockdowns began. In the following weeks, we stopped our various group meetings, closed our Barnsdall opportunity center, ceased certain forms of work, and even the disciples connected to our ministry stopped gathering together for church. Many of our staff stopped visiting friends and relatives. We celebrated Passover, which felt very tangible, staying inside to avoid a plague.  

However, God had already been leading and preparing us to meet this moment. He had equipped us with tools and renewed passion to minister in this time. We knew we could not sit back and ignore our at-risk neighbors, many of whom are elderly, isolated, poor, and lacking in resources and connections. We wasted no time in forming the Community Pastoral Care Network. We worked with our local Alderman and various non-profit groups to contact at-risk residents and secure resources to meet needs. We built a virtual volunteer network to regularly check in on our neighbors, and began dispatching crews for service calls.  

All this would not be possible without the tireless work of one of our missionaries, Nicole Brase, who administrates the meeting of these needs.  

In the coming weeks, we will explore the different aspects of the CPCN here on the blog and our Facebook page.

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