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Before this year, Sun Ministries had never thought having an app would move our ministry forward. When it become a possibility, we pushed forward into the unknown of having an app built for ministry. It has enabled us to provide our resources to people in a convenient way, to adapt to a mobile, device-driven world. We all know the immense capability of various apps out there – from editing pictures and playing detailed games, to organizing your documents and watching videos. You might be wondering, how is a church app different and why should I download it on my phone. Today I will go over a few different features of our app that we believe really make an impact, and hopefully help you see why you should have our app on your phone.

Of course, we have the typical areas of Get to Know Us, Locations, Contact Us, and Staff. In these sections you can see what we do, where we do it, and who helps. We have connected all our social media platforms to the app. We are very active on Facebook and you can connect with us there; Youtube provides free access to some of our training videos. We also have a spot for all the Events we host and our full Calendar with all trainings and classes listed. You can even be redirected to our website from within the app, so no need to memorize our web address.

Our events and programs are frequent and often include many different people and activities. We post photos from these regularly, and add them to our app under Photos. We post photos from our property rehabs we’ve completed, photos of helping the residents of Hyde Park get their needs met in our Community Pastoral Care Network, and photos of volunteer groups we’ve put together to help clean up yards or work on projects. We hope this will help people see the impact that our Vision and Mission has had on people and communities.

Sun Ministries has a ton of Training Resources – books, audiobooks, devotionals, videos, assessments, handouts. You name it, we’ve probably got it – and it’s free! By having them on the app, you don’t have to go to our website every time you want to read one of the books. Working on a 50-day devotional, but don’t always have a paper copy with you? View it on the app! If you run a church or other group of people that are interested in learning how to use our trainings, you can contact us directly to set up a meeting.

A new update to the app, allows you to login with your account information. This may seem pretty standard for apps, but in our app, this allows you to continue where you left off. If you started listening to a Podcast on one device, if you login on another device, you can continue listening. Started reading the bible, the spot you’re on will be saved for the next time you go into the app. Have you donated to us through our website before, your giving information will be located right within the app. You can also donate from our app as well. We hope this will make things easier for people who prefer using their phone or tablet.

Jesus taught His disciples to go to where the people were, and sets an example by coming to us and meeting us where we are. Sun Ministries has a desire to do this with people of all the nations, and desire to set the example by starting the locations God has led us to. We hope that by having more convenient, technological aspects of our ministry, that we can reach even more people. And meet those people where they are – on their mobile devices.

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