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Since becoming a parent, I’ve spent a lot of time researching and learning from other parents to figure out how God has hardwired me to raise my kids. There is a method of parenting called Gentle Parenting, which relies heavily on a few different tenants. One of the biggest takeaways that I’ve gleaned from this parenting method is the idea of setting your children up for success. That is, providing them with the tools that they will need to navigate different situations positively and successfully.

Being the Church reminds me of this idea. It paints God as a gentle parent Who has already designed and set forth this whole toolbelt for His children in order to “set us up for success” as we navigate the world as the Church. While the Gentle Parenting toolbelt is filled with things like emotional regulation, self expression, and compassion, Being the Church fills our toolbelt with different items so that we can truly function as the Church. Not just a church for the sake of a church, but a living organism with a lifecycle that brings the Kingdom of God to Earth.

The Church must have the solid foundation of a clear and complete Gospel. It must obey the commands of Christ and disciple others to do the same. It must keep the assembly of the saints sacred, empower spiritual gifts, and participate in spiritual warfare. All of these things set us up to pastor our communities and continue the lifecyle of the Church. These tools are not just a list of principles, but things that will aid the Church in learning who she was made to be.

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