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For there will never cease to be poor in the land. Therefore I command you, ‘You shall open wide your hand to your brother, to the needy and to the poor, in your land.’


Deuteronomy 15:11


If Barnsdall was rocked in 2020 by the pandemic, it has been pummeled in 2021. Unprecedented winter storms and unprepared infrastructure teamed up to leave residents without power, running water, and trash services— some for weeks at a time. We’re still seeing ripple effects in the city’s water lines months after the snow melted, and now wild fires are causing power outages city-wide.


I’m not complaining, and I’m not going to speculate about why all of this is happening, but I do know one thing: my neighbors have needs. Some are at risk for homelessness. Some are disabled or chronically ill. Some are newly widowed. Every last one of them are people God points to and says, “Love them.”


So we’re doing our best. Whether it’s helping them move, fixing plumbing issues that happened because of frozen pipes, or checking in on them. We’re doing our best, and you can join with us in the work.


You can give financially to meet physical needs through our Community Pastoral Care Network at (make sure you select “Community Pastoral Care Network” as the giving fund!).


You can volunteer virtually or in person to help us when our capacity on the ground isn’t enough. (


And you can join us in prayer. Pray that we would be connected with opportunity to serve and meet the needs of those around us. Pray that we would have resource and capacity to follow through. And pray that God would be glorified through both our intent and actions.


We believe that the testimony of Christ and the good news of the Gospel is that God is big enough and good enough, and that we get to join with Him in bringing healing to the world.


How can you join in?