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Text to Give - Text the word GIVE to (833) 361-4155 and follow the prompts


Virtual Discipleship Small Groups

Learn to multiply disciples using the internet and tools that have been developed on the mission field. Class is 12 weeks. All tools are offered free and are easily used and shared. Click here for more information

Sun Ministries COVID-19 Response -

Are you sheltering in place. quarantined, lonely or afraid.? We have a network of virtual volunteers that want to stay in contact with you by phone, email or internet. You don't have to be isolated through this pandemic. Register below and we will connect you to someone to stay in touch with you.

Click here to register

Help us build a virtual safety net. We are organizing a network of volunteers that will actively contact those at high risk from the COVID-19 virus or those on mandated quarantine. As the pressure rises on first responders we need to provide the back up for our seniors and others affected by this virus. You can do this from your home but we must organize now. Register as a Virtual Volunteer and take part in the solution.

Click here to register

You can make a tax deductible donation to help your neighbors.

Text "Give" to (833) 361-4155

Donate Online - Click Here

Planting Churches without Church Planting

We plant churches using a traditional church planting method. We plant churches that are Biblical, organic, loving and serving, Click here to discover more about this current work of reformation.

We Unite People to Serve the World in Loving Relationships

We face many challenges in today's world. Together we can overcome these challenges, grow in our love for each other and make this world a better place. Serving together brings us understanding and tears down long-standing barriers of division.

Click here to learn about serving and praying together.

We are Rebuilding the Inner Cities of America Starting in St. Louis

The inner cities of America are devestated. We are working to change the narrative. Many think of crime, violence and decaying buildings when considering our inner cities.

We want you to think rebuilding, repairing and restoring when thinking of St. Louis.

Click here to learn more about our work of renewal in North St. Louis.

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