The Narrow Gate is our approach to helping people with serious obstacles. We believe the Gospel of the Kingdom is the answer to life's problems. In the Narrow Gate, we train people to walk in an empowering relationship with Jesus Christ through the power of the Holy Spirit. This is the power that helps people overcome obstacles and experience the freedom found only in Jesus.

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The Narrow Gate – a Ministry of Sun Ministries

 What is the Narrow Gate?            

The Narrow Gate is our name for a process of empowerment designed to help those who are homeless, at risk of becoming homeless, recovering from addiction or who have been incarcerated. It can combine several needed areas of support and training.

  • Spiritual Health

The Narrow Gate is for those who profess Christ as their personal savior and would like to learn to follow Him more closely. Narrow Gate participants will be discipled through the program by one of our trained missionaries. We help them to discover the freedom and healing found in Jesus.

  • Remedial Education

Each participant can seek his or her G.E.D. or equivalent. In some situations they may be able to enroll in college or technical training to improve their earning potential. No matter what your educational goals, we are here to help support you with study help and tutoring.

  • Financial Training

Each participant can agree to financial counseling. If the participant moves into Narrow Gate Sanctuary Housing they must agree to financial disclosure and accountability with their counselor.

  • Job Training

Depending on the individual, this may include interviewing, resume writing, computer skills, etc… We can offer employment through our Harvest Fields Company for those in the program.

  • Social Skills

Included in this training will be courses in manners and communication skills. These may include public speaking, conflict resolution, and interaction assessment and training.  

How does the Narrow Gate work?            

Participants must first express an interest in the program. We do not place people based solely on referrals but only on the desire of the individual to complete all aspects of the program.            

Participants will be interviewed to determine if the program is suited for their situation. After the initial interview a decision will be made on how to best help the participant.            

If accepted, then a second interview will be scheduled to make a plan for how to proceed with helping you. There are many ways we can help you. Consider this phase a testing period for us to determine your resolve to change your situation.            

Each participant will be required to attend weekly meetings for instruction in each of the five areas and to begin to make a Life Plan for their future. Our missionaries will begin to assist you in resolving obstacles in your path. Once your Life Plan is completed you will be re-evaluated and many resources may be available to you.            

We have limited housing and paid employment available for participants. You may need to attend weekly classes and finish your Life Plan before qualifying for these. We are here to help but we make no promises of housing or employment. We have limited resources and the Board of Directors will decide who gets placed in housing or employment based on many factors.            

Your participation is voluntary. If at anytime you decide not to continue we will wish you well and allow you to leave. 

Our goal is to see you living in the free and abundant life that God desires for you. If you are ready to change your circumstances and follow God then we welcome you to apply to participate in the Narrow Gate.  

Jesus said - "For the gate is small and the way is narrow that leads to life, and there are few who find it.    

Dr. Terry M. Goodwin      

Executive Director 

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Obstacles We Help With

We have compiled resources for several locations that work to assist in these areas. The locations we currently assist with are: 

  • St. Louis, MO
  • Oklahoma Areas - Barnsdall & Bartlesville
  • Cherokee Nation 
  • Osage Nations
  • North Dakota Areas - Grand Forks
GED Testing & Tutoring
Drivers License
Utility Assistance
Homeless Assitance