Vision - Sun Ministries unites people to serve the world

Our Mission

Sun Ministries is compelled by the love of Christ to help people work together in service to meet the physical, spiritual, educational, and emotional needs of their community, the poor, the homeless, widows, and orphans both locally and around the world.


The Isaiah 61 Initiative


Sun Ministries has launched a nationwide effort to rebuild America's most devastated inner cities. Starting in North St. Louis Missouri, we are facilitating a missionary call to the most destroyed areas of our country. This aggressive initiative will use all of our existing programs in a synergistic way to solve problems that have plagued these areas for generations. By training and relocating young missionaries to live and work in these areas we will rebuild the decaying structures, minister to the neediest residents and make a generational impact on these desperate areas.


What We do


Isaiah 61 Initiative - Working together in America's inner cities


The Isaiah 61 Initiative is calling missionaries to the inner cities of America. Sun Ministries is facilitating a missionary movement to America. We are working with a growing group of ministries and people that see the plight of Americas urban areas. The Isaiah 61 Initiative is bringing innovative ideas to age old problems. The approach combines three distinct efforts into one larger work.




The Opportunity Center - Working together to empower people


  • The Opportunity Center houses our wood working facility, sewing center, and training areas. The next phase of the Opportunity Center is to open a facility that will house the Mission Store, a Coffee & Ice Cream Shop, a Retail and Small Business incubator. The Opportunity Center will bring educational and business opportunity assistance to the inner city of North St. Louis. It will utilize these resources for job training, remedial education and tutoring, small business development, and income support for widows, orphans, the poor and the missionaries to America that are dedicated to working with them.


The Leadership Center - Working together to train tomorrows leaders


  • The Leadership Center will focus on training young leaders in non-traditional approaches to long standing problems. The Leadership Center will approach this through an internship. Interns can enter into a culturally diverse serving environment by spending a summer in the inner city developing and implementing their ideas to address real problems in a real life environment. The Leadership Center will provide ongoing support to creative and innovative ideas that have the potential to make a generational impact in the poorest areas of America.


Narrow Gate - Working together to end homelessness


  • The Narrow Gate is the most ambitious project we have ever launched. The Narrow Gate seeks to address the issue of homelessness from a spiritual, physical, and emotional approach. By offering discipleship, employment, housing, and coaching, we seek to end homelessness one person at a time.


Volunteer or stay informed


  • One of the goals of our mission is to see people working together on common ground. We ask people to register in our volunteer database and then we keep them informed of volunteer opportunities in the St. Louis area.


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