Dr. Terry Goodwin - Executive Director of Sun Ministries

Missionaries to America! Terry is the founder of Sun Ministries. He has a Ph. D. in Theology from Southwest Bible College and Seminary. He has over 20 years of small business experience as a business owner and at various management levels. Terry works with Suzette, his wife of 28 years. Together they work to bring renewal to the inner city areas of St. Louis. His teaching ministry is called Disciple Driven Church. You can learn more about his teachings at the Disciple Driven Church web site. You can also schedule to attend one of the many classroom sessions for his missionary training. See the calendar for dates and times.

Pastoring the Community

Terry first heard of the concept of "Pastoring the Community" from Richard Greene through the Keystone Project. The story was about a minister in Africa but now Terry and Suzette are contextualizing this principle to the inner cities of America.

Terry currently provides the majority of the training for our missionaries as well as teaching regular classes through the Leadership Center.

Pastoring your community requires you to look at the ways in which your community is being held back from its full potential. Once you assess your community you must make a plan for how to empower and release your community to be all that God desires for it to become.

Inner City Missions Camp

Sun Ministries is hard at work in North St. Louis. We love to have extra volunteer help. If you would like to bring your group for a day or two or even a week we would love to have you. We can provide housing, food, music, activities, along with powerful preaching and testimonies that will ignite your group's passion to Pastor their own community.

If you are interested in coming to visit just contact Terry to work out a custom plan for your group and to determine costs for your visit.

Contact Terry directly at 636-544-2151 or terry@sunministries.org

Hear Reformation Sound and the testimonies of our missionaries at your next camp, retreat, or conference

  • Our group brings home the message of inner city missions with compelling personal testimonies and original music that is written and performed by those who are working in the streets of our city.
  • These powerful presentations are sure to move the hearts of people to once again look at their land and see what God is doing in their own backyard.
Would you like to learn more about booking us for your next event? We do not charge for our engagements but only ask that our expenses are covered. In some cases we can cover expenses. For more information contact Terry - 636-544-2151 or terry@sunministries.org