What is the Narrow Gate?

The Narrow Gate is our name for an innovative approach to solving the problem of homelessness and urban decay.

It is our belief that homelessness can only be overcome as we come alongside those who are homeless and minister to all aspects of the individual. The Narrow Gate seeks to accomplish this through a multi-faceted approach to the problem.

How does the Narrow Gate work?

The Narrow Gate program does not seek to duplicate any existing resources currently available to fight homelessness. Instead, we seek to add missing resources we think are crucial to solving the problem. The goal of the Narrow Gate is to turn the homeless or those at risk of homelessness, into homeowners.

The Narrow Gate will empower missionaries to America to relocate to impoverished areas and minister to the homeless or those at risk of homelessness. Through this process we will restore decaying structures, alleviate the burden of providing services for the homeless, and revitalize neighborhoods through an influx of new residents. The Narrow Gate will work closely with the Leadership Training Center to locate and train Sanctuary Home Hosts. The Narrow Gate will utilize the Opportunity Center to empower Narrow Gate Participants.

The Narrow Gate facilitates the work through...

* Locating and rehabbing suitable properties to be occupied by the Missionaries to America and Narrow Gate participants.
* Work on the streets through trained Street Liaisons to identify potential Narrow Gate participants and build a working relationship with them prior to entering the Narrow Gate.
* Work through a customized Life Plan tailored to each Narrow Gate participant.
* The Life Plan will address 5 specific areas of life - Spiritual Health, Remedial Education, Financial Training, Job Training and Social Skills.


Long Term Goals

The Narrow Gate is dedicated to revitalizing people and communities through long-term solutions to age-old problems. The Narrow Gate will build long-term economic growth and individual empowerment into the most devastated areas of our country by working in unison with the Leadership Center and the Opportunity Center. The Missionaries to America that operate in the Narrow Gate may have opportunity to purchase their homes after completing their 3-year agreement. This will provide funding for the future operations of Sun Ministries and lead to long-lasting impact for the community. We long to see a generational impact in the areas where we work.


Street Liaisons

Our street liaisons work with those who find themselves without a permanent home. They begin the restoration process before the homeless enter the Narrow Gate. Working with shelters and other transition housing, these professionals really get to know the people we place into Sanctuary Homes. Our Street Liaisons are the primary contact for those in the Narrow Gate and the Sanctuary Home hosts. They arrange for needed training and resources. They are the first responders for any conflicts.

As a person enters the Narrow Gate their Street Liaison will work with them to establish clear goals for their life. These goals will be customized to the individual and their situation. The participant will make a Life Plan that will be open to all that work with them during their stay. Each goal will have a time limit and an evaluation process. Liaisons will evaluate participants on a regular basis in each area of concern we address. Any areas where progress falls behind will be given special attention.


Sanctuary Homes

Sun Ministries will obtain and rehab property from the large stock of deteriorating property in the Hyde Park neighborhood. We will target multi-family units for our Sanctuary homes. These homes will be rehabbed and then occupied by a Sanctuary Home Host that has been trained to walk alongside people with serious financial, emotional, and spiritual bondage. One of our Missionaries to America will be assigned to disciple the Narrow Gate participant through the process of restoration. This design gives the Narrow Gate participant three points of contact with our ministry. These are the Street Liaiasons that initially made contact with them, the Sanctuary Home Hosts that live as their neighbor, and the Sun Ministries Missionary that will guide them through discipleship to restoration.


The Sanctuary Home hosts an individual or family in transition. The host is assessed, trained and supported by Sun Ministries staff, volunteers and many other resource agencies and professionals dedicated to ending homelessness. The Sanctuary Home hosts become the extended family of the once hopeless and homeless individual or family. They become the primary overseer of the property where they live. They work together with our staff and others to restore the whole person to a place of mental, physical, spiritual, and economic wellness.

The Narrow Gate will rely heavily on the support of the Leadership Center and the Opportunity Center. The Narrow Gate has already begun recruiting and training missionaries for this cause. The Narrow Gate will continue to operate in the development phase until these other necessary projects are completed. The property rehab and sales of Sanctuary Homes will provide an important source of long-term funding for Sun Ministries. The Narrow Gate currently has completed its pilot program. The Narrow Gate has two Sanctuary Home hosts and Street Liaisons ready. Once we obtain the needed property we can begin placement into the Narrow Gate..