These aren't your Grandparent's Missionaries

Sun Ministries is recruiting, training, and relocating a new generation of missionaries. These missionaries will share some common traits.

- They will see the inner-cities of America as a place where God is at work and not a place to be abandoned to destruction.

- They will dedicate their lives to serving others and leave a legacy of generational change.

- They will be ready to learn how to live their faith outside the structured church system.

- They will use their God given talents and skills to provide for their living while pursuing more time to minister.

These missionaries will not need to be theology or religion students, although they can be. We are looking for people who love Christ and want to restore the inner cities of America through a living and active faith relationship with their new community.

Work Independently but Never Alone

Sun Ministries facilitates missionaries in their work. Our ministry is laying a foundation for your work. Our network of people and resources will be available to assist you in your work. Look at the projects and resources on the Isaiah 61 Initiative Web Site and see what we mean.

Our Discipleship Training will prepare you to minister outside the church systems. We train you how to share your faith, make disciples, and minister to your community.

Our Opportunity Center can help you establish an income source.

We can facilitate temporary and/or permanent housing in your new mission field.

We can help you raise temporary support to make the transition easier.

Best of all we already have missionaries working in the area. This will provide you with an instant network of support that can help you establish your ministry.

Are You Interested in Finding Out More?

The next step is to ask. If you feel a call to minister in the Inner Cities of America, agree with our statement of faith, and want to explore the possibility of partnering with us in your ministry you need to take the next step.

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Sun Ministries utilizes the teaching of Dr. Terry M. Goodwin to train its missionaries. You can download a free copy of his book - Disciple Driven Church - The Coming Reformation by visiting his teaching web site at