I-55 Games

I55 Games is a ministry of Sun Ministries with its own unique vision and mission. Described through the acronym G.A.M.E.S. You can see what we are attempting to do here. The acronym tells us how it functions. Gathering all mediums of education simultaneously. By utilizing creatively designed card and board games the I-55 Game tutors can teach kids a multitude of subject material while they enjoy a game.

G.A.M.E.S. 101 is the first project of I-55 games. This is where the kids are introduced to educational gaming for the benefit of their own education. As they progress to the next level they will learn game design and implementation and may even use Sun Ministries small business incubator to launch their own game someday.

Play with Purposeā„¢

I-55 Games are made in the Opportunity Center as a means by which we provide employment of the missionaries and job skill training to area residents. I-55 Games is dedicated to the idea that the workplace profits when the people are fulfilled. We strive to make our daily tasks and works of creativity a family affair. We believe that creativity is an act accomplished with God. We believe that education is free whether people charge for it or not. The only barrier is how much a person loves to learn. We believe that games should not only be fun, but enrich relationships with family and peers, and engage the mind, perking the curiosity of the individual to strive and learn more about our world.
We have a trilogy of games planned to hit shelves starting in August 2011. These include:

A game about Fair Trade coffee economics for ages 13 & up (that's right... it's never too early to learn about supply and demand.)

A game set in feudal Japan where players fight to win the war, but learn that history sometimes determines the winners based on how the battles are fought.

A game where players plant and grow a 3-D community garden. You may get all the seeds but can you grow the prettiest garden?

All games in this years schedule will be hand made from nearly 100% repurposed material. (two firsts for the gaming industry I believe. A non-profit publisher, and 3 "green" games in a row!


Keeping up with I-55 Games is easy

  • Order you copy of Fair Trade - a Game of competitive coffee cartels. This game is made entirely from repurposed or post consumer products. We expect to have it available by August 31st. As soon as it is ready we will post a purchase link here.
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