Sun Ministries has Launched a very unique Community Empowerment Project - The Sun Cafe & Market

Our concept is simple - empower people the same way that Jesus did it - walk with them in love.

Our concept is huge - take on the task of lifting an entire community up by working with one person at a time.

Our foundation is laid and now it is time to build. The Opportunity Center is up and running. Through it, we train and empower people to learn skills, make products, and increase their quality of life through the work of their hands. Missionaries are trained and relocating to the area. Its time to propel this community forward.


The Sun Cafe & Market provides a space for training residents in multiple employment skills. It provides jobs for missionaries and area residents. It offers retail space for our Opportunity Center students. It provides a professional business environment for our small business incubator by making available office and conference space. It provides a commercial kitchen that will empower new products and businesses based in the community.


The time is right for the Sun Cafe & Market. Follow us on Facebook to keep up with our progress.

Download our menu here - Menu